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5 stars

Great app, love it !


Great app to increase vocabulary!

Great For Basic Knowledge

I'm using this app to understand basic communication in Czech.

Great learning app

This app is great. I have used it for a few months now and it has helped me retain so many words in Czech. Definitely recommend

Great app

Works great

Good app

I like all the diversity in learning. Makes it very effective

Lengthy Vocabulary

I saw another review that said this is great as a supplement and I couldn't agree more. I use this as a secondary source for learning Czech and I find it to be useful. Not great for learning, but good for studying. A lot of categories and terms which is hard to find in Czech and for free!

Love it

My boyfriend downloaded this app so he could have a conversation with my family. This app is pretty accurate. If you want to learn fast and easy way then download today!


Very good really


Great app for beginners!

Best Czech learning app I found

The word lists are great. Haven't delved too much beyond that, but I wonder if it teaches the hardest part of Czech: the 7 cases.


My family is from Moravia & I am wanting to connect with my roots :)! This App makes it even more exciting for me to hear & learn the basics before I venture deeper in the beauty of the Czech language!!

Good app for beginner Czech learners

It doesn't include gender for nouns, but that problem is solved by using this app alongside a good Czech dictionary. Aside from the lack of gender it is a very good app for learning and reviewing beginner Czech vocabulary

Great beginner's app

So many useful topics, tons of vocabulary, pronunciation help, as much repetition as needed, spelling practice -- great way get started with Czech. However, I wish it included more actual phrases/ sentences.

Good for beginners

Very easy to understand

Great Supplemental Resource

My favorite feature of this app is the word lists. I am taking Czech and I like to use the lists to study vocabulary in themes. I would have given this app 5 stars, but there have been occasions when the wrong word is listed - kind of like when you are trying to find a word in a foreign dictionary and there are several words listed so you're not sure which one to choose. One example is "dort". "Dort" is listed as being pie, but "dort" is really cake. The word for pie is "koláč". Even with a few vocab mix-ups, I still think this is an app worth having.


Good and useful for beginners

The best czech app currently.

This is a great app for learning czech from scratch. Only advice i have is that they make it so you can turn your device sideways while using the app.

Fun app.

Fun app.

So far so good!

I'm not going to go into too much detail. All I can say is you need to try this out for yourself.

Awesome and Easy

Easy to learn! Most important words in Czech.

Great app

Great app! Very direct and informative


Best ap I have found for learning Czech! And it really seems to be free!

Best for any new beginners to the Czech Language

I have been married to my Czech wife for over 13 years and have picked up very little of her home language and at 42 I would like to understand her better when she talks to our children and her family. So far the app has helped me understand the very basics and pick up on somewhat what she is saying. A must app to have!

Good for beginners

Thinking about taking a trip to Prague in the summer and this app has been helpful for basic phrases and words 👍🏻

Czech out this great app 🇨🇿

Lots of great stuff, especially nouns. Really helpful for a beginner like me. Improve by adding dialogue or mock conversations.

Very easy to use and learn the basics

Only an hour in and have most of the numbers lesson down!

Ali from egypt

Helpful fun and free

Excellent for beginners

Great basic vocab tool. The incorporation of games, lists, sounds, and images is extremely helpful and effective. One star down because I think it lacks some essential phrases and words for beginning language learners... But overall, definitely recommended!

Good one

Very good for memorizing words

Lots of vocab. So grammar. Still great

It's super helpful with the voices, study lists and quizzes. It's really only useful for beginner vocabulary. I really like it though.

I like it so far

I think this will proved me with a basic set of words.

Must have!

We traveled to Prague recently; this app is a must have for beginners!

Great app

This app is great! I've been trying to learn Czech forever and now I am learning so much! I recommend it.




This app has several different ways to learn the vocabulary and is one of the only English to Czech apps out there. Docking a star for some satisfactory graphics and UX, but overall I'll learn some Czech with this!

Basic Czech

The app has too many errors and many of the photos do not match the words. But as a very basic help it is okay.


So far so good. I downloaded the app because I have a student starting my class who is from the Czech Republic and hasn't learned English yet. I wanted to be able to communicate with that child.


Great app!

Fun app for travel.

This is a pretty good app for the basics. My son especially liked learning new words and practicing them in Prague.

Just Starting

I like the multiple exercises. Unfortunately, the app crashes on my iPhone.

Really helped me in my travels

Plus it's free


Easy and on-the-go learning, you pace your involvement, right selection of vocabulary, result in just few days!

Excellent source for beginners -Perfecto para principiantes

Very intuitive learning approach with visual, audio and written help. Very practical and easy to use design. The software allows different manners of interaction in order to achieve your own pace learning goals. I recommend this software highly. Este programa ayuda a aprehender de manera muy natural el idioma Checo. Tiene a du haber ayudas visuales, de audio y también escrito. Cada sección cuenta con múltiples ejercicios. Definitivamente lo recomiendo.


This app is so helpful I will be traveling to Czech and living there for a year so this will help me greatly with the language barrier!

I've tried a lot and this is good

I'd have to say that this is a pretty good app. There are different ways to help you learn vocabulary. Good graphics and sound too. I've tried so many and this is one if the best.

It's okay

I like it it's just that they don't give u a lot of words to choose from

Love it!!

This app is amazing! It offers a fun and interesting and thorough way to learn Czech!

Great app!

I really this app. It helps me to really memorize the words and it makes it fun! Love it!


Pretty good

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